Water Softeners

The long-term impact that hard water can have on household plumbing and appliances can be extremely costly. If left untreated, hard water can calcify causing irreversible corrosion, expensive repairs or pricey product replacements for water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers.

A good quality water softening system will solve your hard water problems. By purchasing or renting a quality system, consumers can see a considerable decrease in the amount of soaps and detergents needed, and increase the lifespan of textiles and household fixtures. A good quality water softener can save an average family of four between $1,400 to $1,700 per year.

Below are just some of our most popular models. For more information, contact us for a free in-home water test which will help you understand the quality of your home's water and which system is best for you.

Rayne Water Softeners

Rayne Guardian Elite(RG 1500) Home Water Softener: Water softening PLUS FILTREX to remove chlorine and odor. Rayne Guardian Elite (RG-1500) Home Water Softeners
Rayne VERSA Water Softener: The most versatile water softener ever built. Rayne Versa Water Softener
Rayne Guardian (RG 1250) Home Water Softeners: With a blending valve for soft water without that slimmy feeling. Rayne Guardian (RG-1250) Home Water Softeners
RXD 1500-D Home Water Softeners: Most efficient model. RXD 1500-D Home Water Softeners
Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener: Smartest,most efficient water softening system ever. Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener
Rayne Infinity Home Water Softeners: Perfect for large families. Rayne Infinity Home Water Softener

There are many products on the market today such as filtration systems, ceramic media, and even magnets that claim to "condition" your water - but only a Water Softener can get your water below 1 grain of hardness and can actually soften hard water. Period.