Problem Well Water Solutions

Did you know that as private well owner, you -- and you alone -- are responsible for the taste, quality and safety of your water supply? While public water supplies are regulated and tested by the EPA; the EPA does not have the authority to regulate private drinking water wells. So if you are a private well owner, you need to ask yourself, "How well do I know my Well's water?"

Many local residents own their own wells. While some wells have adequate water quality many of the wells in our area do not. As a private well owner, it is important to recognize the symptoms of problem water or call in a water professional to test your water for free. While cloudiness, bad taste and odor are a sure signs of a problem, you should also be on the look out for staining, discoloration and/or spotting on clothing, fixtures and house wares.

Whether you can recognize a problem or not, it is a good idea for private well owners to take advantage of local water professionals to get a free, in-home water test and to learn once and for all the quality of their well water and treatment options that are available.