Drinking Water Systems

If your home does not have a home water treatment system of any kind, consider this: without a water filtration system in your home, then YOU are the filter.

If your home's water is treated by your Municipality, you may be surprised to discover that your water may still contain impurities such as chlorine, nitrates, iron, sodium and even medical and prescription drugs. Well owners have to monitor the quality of their own water. Wells can produce water with higher concentrations of iron (red staining), manganese (brown or black staining), sulfates (rotten egg odor), and even arsenic, gasoline, the gasoline additive MTBE (near a gas station) and pesticides (near a golf course, orchard, or agricultural area).

So if you do not have a water-treatment system in your home, your body is now the filter - responsible for eliminating these toxins from your system. As always, Rayne's Drinking Water Systems are available for Purchase or Rent.

Rayne Drinking Water Systems

RaynePure Plus® Reverse Osmosis System: Clean, healthy, great-tasting water. RaynePure Plus® Reversis Osmosis System
RayneClear® Reverse Osmosis System: Clean, healthy, great-tasting water. RayneClear® Reversis Osmosis System

A Rayne Drinking Water System can filter out much of your water's lead, copper, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, giardia, pesticides, salt, trihalomethanes, sulfates, cysts, nitrates, and some bacteria and viruses. Additional treatment options to eliminate water hardness, manganese and iron are also available.